Rob J. MacLennan (University of Central Florida) Wins Biannual DLF Research Scholarship

November 14, 2017

The De Luca Foundation is pleased to announce Mr. Rob J. MacLennan (University of Central Florida) as a winner of our bi-annual Research Scholarship.

The Foundation thanks all the applicants who submitted their proposal.

Please visit our Research Scholarship web page for complete details.

Rob J. MacLennan

Advisor name:  Dr. Matt Stock

Background:  Mr. MacLennan is currently a Research Assistant at University of Central Florida where he earned his B.S. and M.S. in Sport and Exercise Science. He is working under the direction of Dr. Matt Stock in the Applied Physiology Laboratory within the School of Kinesiology and Physical Therapy. Mr. MacLennan’s research interests include the role of exercise and injury on rehabilitation outcomes and plasticity of the neuromuscular system. 


Title: The Time Course of Neuromuscular Adaptations Associated with Disuse Immobilization

Summary:  Muscle unloading or disuse, such as what occurs during bed rest and removal of weight bearing conditions results in a reduction in voluntary force production, a loss of excitation from the central nervous system to the contracting musculature, and muscle atrophy. Responses to disuse vary by sex and muscle group, with greater declines in females and the knee joint, respectively. These changes are thought to arise rapidly. The purpose of our lab’s study is to carefully examine the time course of neuromuscular changes that occur in response to two weeks of knee joint immobilization. By studying maximal and submaximal force, voluntary activation via the interpolated twitch technique, and motor unit firing rate behavior via surface electromyographic signal decomposition, our work will provide greater insight into the neuromuscular aspects of immobility.