De Luca Foundation’s COVID-19 Donation Initiative

Researchers from India, Mexico, UK, and USA are the Recipients of EMG Equipment 

The De Luca Foundation have selected 5 researchers to receive a 2-Sensor Trigno Avanti Research+ System.  Each recipient presented compelling projects in their applications, all of which will have a lasting impact on their programs and the biomechanics community at-large.  Learn more about them below.

Dr. Alejandra Aranceta-Garza
University of Strathclyde

Dr. Aranceta-Garza will be using the Trigno to quantify biomechanical patterns of tetanus patients in a clinical setting in Vietnam.

It is a tremendous honour to be the 2020 recipient of the Delsys prize and be recognised by the De Luca Foundation for my clinical research proposal. As such, this prize will enable to progress my burning ambition to further our understanding of the neurophysiological involvement in diseases – with a focus on tetanus. I am confident that the data collected with the Delsys system will allow me to better characterise the effects of the toxin on the motor control system, thus leading to an improvement in disease management and patient outcome in developing countries.
Alejandra Aranceta-Garza

Dr. Terence McSweeney
Bournemouth University

Dr. McSweeney will be using the Trigno to identify biomarkers for abnormal spinal mechanics in patients with chronic low back pain.

This kind donation from the De Luca Foundation is a significant boost to our research into low back pain. Having a state of the art system like this at our disposal will allow us to collect richer data and strengthen our understanding of low back pain pathomechanics. The versatility of the system will also make it a valuable adjunct in a range of other studies of the spine using quantitative fluoroscopy.
Terence McSweeney,

Dr. Nadia Vanessa Garcia Hernandez
Center for Research and Advanced Studies of Mexico

Dr. Garcia Hernandez will be using the Trigno to investigate how muscle synergies change in stroke and cerebral palsy patients.

I am infinitely grateful to the De Luca Foundation for this important donation. Now I will be able to conduct clinical research that I was unable to do due to a lack of professional EMG sensors. It mainly will allow me to investigate muscle synergies change in stroke and cerebral palsy patients after treatment in gait and reaching movements.
Nadia Vanessa Garcia Hernandez

Dr. Timothy Reissman
University of Dayton

Dr. Reissman will be using the Trigno to advance hip exoskeletons through quantifying walking quality and capacity in elderly patients.

The goal of our research is to transform the way in which we approach improving walking mobility among older adults by first better understanding their quality and capacity for walking. Further, we look to apply our findings to the advancement of hip exoskeletons as proactive interventions for this community. This equipment donation will allow our work to expand to include analyses of human motor control adaptions to these wearable machines via studying muscle synergies. We thank Delsys for providing such an opportunity as we look forward to having our research contribute to our university's theme of being the “University for the Common Good.
Timothy Reissman

Dr. Gerald D’Souza
Mangalore University

Dr. D’Souza will be using the Trigno for sports science education and research, investigating muscle activation patterns during various sports skills and fitness movements.

Granting of this donation has instilled confidence in me to gear up my efforts to do Studies in this field on a larger scale. This initiative of yours will make professionals believe that hard work and sincerity will certainly result in better rewards as the award of this donation exemplifies. This donation will give me the freedom and mobility to conduct EMG studies on a wide array of activities be it on the field of play or in the lab. Indirectly, it will also have an impact on the students studying their masters in Physical Education, by encouraging them to take up this line of study for their dissertations and doctoral studies. Thank you, De Luca Foundation for your magnanimity through your donation drive to encourage research in EMG based studies in this part of the world.
Gerald D’Souza

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