2020 Equipment Donation Initiative


This is an opportunity for researchers, clinicians, and educators to incorporate small-scale EMG into their projects with quick and powerful outcomes, through donations of mobile EMG equipment.


Donation requests can be submitted by students, employees, or faculty members affiliated with an academic, clinical, or research institution. The program is open to institutions worldwide.  Excluded from participation are employees, consultants, and members of the DLF, and their immediate relatives.

Previous Recipients


12 total packages are available for donation.  Recipients will have the option to receive one of the following packages:

  1. 2-Sensor Trigno Avanti Mobile System:
    Trigno Avanti Charge-4 Station, 2x Trigno Avanti Sensor, 2x Trigno Sensor Skin Interface (80/pk), EMGworks 4.x Pro License, Android Tablet, Mobile EMG Suite & User's Guide.
  2. Trigno Hand Performance Monitor Duo Package:
    Trigno Avanti Charge-4 Station, Jamar Smart Hand Dynamometer, Trigno Duo Mini Sensor, 2x Trigno Sensor Skin Interface (80/pkg), 2x Trigno Mini Sensor Skin Interface (80/pkg), EMGworks 4.x Pro License, Android Tablet, Mobile EMG Suite & User's Guide.


Applicants should complete the Donation Request Form. CLOSED.

Application evaluations will consider:

  • Intended use of the equipment (EMG-centric research, education, or clinical)
  • Impact and Usefulness of the Intended Application
  • Financial Need

Applications will be reviewed on a monthly basis.  Deadline for applications will be the 15th of each month.  Applications will be reviewed shortly after the deadline, and applicants will be notified of their status in the following weeks.

Equipment awarded will be disbursed to the department of the academic institution to which the applicant is affiliated. Taxes, duties, and applicable fees to be paid by the winner.

Recipients are to provide DLF with a 1-page report on the implementation of the equipment into their endeavor, within 6 months after receiving the equipment.

Additional Terms

DLF reserves the right to advertise the recipients’ use and implementation of the EMG equipment, including but not limited to: News media publications, print materials, online announcements, and email notifications.

Credit to De Luca Foundation shall be expressed by the recipient, where applicable (i.e. classroom presentation / syllabus, poster presentation, etc.). Please contact us at contact@delucafoundation.org for an official statement to include.


Please reach out to us at contact@delucafoundation.org with any questions.