15th Annual Delsys Prize Winner

Evoked Electromyographically Controlled Electrical Stimulation 



Dr. Mitsuhiro Hayashibe

Tohoku University


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This work demonstrates a novel technique using evoked electromyography signal to realize joint torque prediction under muscle fatigue and also to enable stable neuroprosthetic muscle control. Current neuroprosthetic control performance is limited by the lack of information regarding time-variant muscle response, mainly caused by muscle fatigue and also potentially caused by the change of stimulation electrode’s contact condition. The predicted torque information can be utilized to explicitly consider the actual muscle state. EMG-Feedback Predictive Control (EFPC) strategy was established for an innovative neuroprosthetic control enhanced by EMG technology, which enables joint torque control by electrical stimulation as well as muscle activation control. The experimental result indicates its promising performance to realize evoked electromyographically controlled electrical stimulation.

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"I am glad to receive this prestigious award of the 2017 Delsys Prize. I feel it is special to receive EMG innovation award from the world top EMG Foundation. It motivates me to further contribute to the progress of this field. I would like to thank also my previous research institutes: INRIA, University of Montpellier, France.”

About Dr. Mitsuhiro Hayashibe

Dr. Mitsuhiro Hayashibe

Dr. Mitsuhiro Hayashibe is a Professor at the Department of Robotics, Graduate School of Engineering, Tohoku University, Japan, and founder of the Neuro-Robotics Lab within the same institution. He is concurrently with the Graduate School of Biomedical Engineering, Tohoku University. He obtained PhD at University of Tokyo, and the Habilitation degree at University of Montpellier. He was previously a tenured research scientist with INRIA and University of Montpellier, France.


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