Delsys Prize Winners

2017 Delsys Prize Winner

Dr. Max Ortiz Catalán 

Dr. Mitsuhiro Hayashibe

Tohoku University

Year Winner Affiliation Country  
2017 Dr. Mitsuhiro Hayashibe Tohoku University Japan Details
2016 Dr. Max Ortiz Catalán Chalmers University of Technology Sweden Details
2015 Dr. Richard Ribchester University of Edinburgh Scotland Details
2014 Dr. Yingchun Zhang University of Houston USA Details
2013 Dr. Sang Wook Lee The Catholic University of America USA
2012 Dr. Anton van Boxtel Tilburg University The Netherlands
2011 Dr. Dingguo Zhang Shanghai Jiao Tong University China Details
2010 Dr. Madeleine Lowery University College Dublin Ireland Details
2009 Mr. Ryan E. Stafford University of Queensland Australia Details
2008 Dr. Helen (He) Huang
University of Rhode Island
USA Details
2007 Dr. Ping Zhou Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago USA Details
2006 Dr. Andrew Fuglivand University of Arizona USA Details
2005 Dr. A.L. Hof
University of Groningen
The Netherlands
2004 Dr. F.C.T van der Helm Delft University of Technology The Netherlands
2003 Kim Sherman Sandalwood, Inc. USA