Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Can I submit a project that has already been published?

    Yes, previously published work can be submitted. Previous dissemination of the work in the form of a peer-reviewed publication is considered favorably as evidence of usefulness and veracity.

  • Can I submit a project that has been published five or more years ago?

    Yes, as long as the work satisfies the definitions of Innovation as reported in the Instructions of the entry form.

  • Can I submit an entry that includes more than one published paper?

    The reference to one or more previously published papers describing the work can be included as evidence of dissemination (omitting the authors’ name). Note that incremental increases of previous work that does not enable novel applications or insight will not be considered as innovative.

  • Are animal studies allowed?

    Yes, animal studies are allowed as long as they comply with the requirements specified in the entry form.

  • Can I submit a project that does not use EMG?

    No, Electromyography must be a key aspect of the project. The purpose of the Delsys Prize is to promote Innovation in the field of Electromyography.

  • Can I submit a paper as supporting material?

    No, publications can be included in the entry form as references. They cannot be submitted as an attachment.

  • Should the project submitted be conducted using a Delsys System?

    Electromyography should be a key element of the research submitted. However, there is no restriction regarding the EMG systems or sensors used to collect EMG signals.

  • Can proposed but not yet performed studies be submitted?

    No, the work submitted should present an advancement in understanding the information content of the EMG signal, a new devices or techniques/technology that use EMG signals, or a novel application of EMG signals or EMG technology. Evidence of veracity and usefulness is a key factor that can be established by previous dissemination. If the study has been previously published or presented at a scientific conference, the history of dissemination (peer-reviewed publications or abstracts NOT including the name of the authors) should be provided. If the study has not been previously published, evidence of usefulness, as might be the case for a device, should be provided.

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