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Delsys Prize Entry Form

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Complete the Delsys Prize Entry Form.
Carefully follow the instructions reported on the form.

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Submission is open until midnight (11:59 pm EDT; GMT -4) 30th September 2021.

The submission includes the following steps: Enter the applicant information and contact; Attach the completed Delsys Prize Entry Form; Click the submit button. Note: submissions will be treated as public domain information.

Rules & Regulations 


The purpose of the Delsys Prize is to promote Innovation in the field of Electromyography.  The Prize recognizes the best submission that presents:

  • Electromyography as a key element of the research.
  • An innovative application, understanding or technique/technology that uses EMG signals.
  • Evidence of veracity and usefulness (as established by previous dissemination).

Refer to the Delsys Prize entry form for detailed instructions.


The Award consists of:

The prize will be given to the first author on the entry form. Taxes, duties and applicable fees to be paid by the winner.


Any individual eighteen (18) years of age and older may participate. Excluded from participation are employees, consultant and members of:

Deadline for Submission

Delsys Prize Entry Forms must be received by midnight (11:59 pm EDT; GMT -4) September 30, 2021.  Entries received after this deadline will not be considered.


Eligible entries will be scored on a scale from 0 to 10 as follows:

  • Impact of Innovation - 5 points
  • Evidence of Usefulness - 3 points
  • Clarity of description - 2 points

The winning entry will be selected by the Delsys Prize Review Board. It will be announced and posted on the De Luca Foundation website at by November 2021.

Review Board

The Review Board is appointed by De Luca Foundation. The Review Board consists of five experts in the field of Electromyography, at least three of whom are not affiliated with De Luca Foundation.  The Chairperson is responsible for resolving issues of uncertainty and will only vote in case of a tie.

Members of the board are subject to the Delsys Prize rules of Confidentiality and Conflict of Interest.  All Board members are asked to abide to sign a form agreeing to abide by the Confidentiality and Conflict of Interest policies when they join the Board.

The Review Board Members and Chairperson is announced at before the application deadline.


All discussions among Review Board members concerning all aspects of the content of the entries are strictly confidential.  Board members must not discuss with applicants or other interested parties any information relating to the review of a specific entry.  All requests for information on an entry should be referred to the Chairman of the Review Board, who will address them directly.

Conflict of Interest

De Luca Foundation will attempt to make every effort to ensure not only that its decisions are fair and objective, but that they are seen to be so. No Review Board member with a real or apparent conflict of interest may participate in the review of a specific application; therefore:

  1. Board members are excluded from submitting an entry.
  2. Board members must recuse themselves from deliberation if they:
    • are from the same institution or company as the applicant,
    • have collaborated or published with the applicant in a relevant field within the last five (5) years (Publications such as Review articles and Book chapters do not constitute a conflict of interest),
    • have been a student or supervisor of the applicant within the last five (5) years,
    • are a close personal friend, business associate or relative (e.g., spouse, minor child, sibling, or parent) of the applicant,
    • are an officer, director, member, owner, trustee, expert, advisor, consultant (with or without compensation), or employee of an applicant or other organization that would be affected by his or her decision,
    • are in negotiations or have an arrangement for prospective employment with an applicant or other organization that would be affected by his or her decision,
    • have had long-standing scientific or personal differences with the applicant,
    • are in a position to gain or lose financially from the outcome of the application (e.g., hold stock in the company of an industry partner or a competitor), or
    • for some other reason feel that they cannot provide an objective review of the entry.

Commonly Asked Questions

If you have any questions on the procedure, feel free to contact us at or refer to the Commonly Asked Questions.

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