App Development Competition


The DLF App Development Competition provides a chance to win equipment and cash awards up to $7,500.00 USD by developing EMG-centric applications for mobile devices with real-world viability.


Proposals for the development of a mobile application can be submitted by a faculty member affiliated with an academic institution. In case of a collaborative effort, one faculty member must be identified as the group leader. 

Development of the proposed mobile application can be completed by a student or group of students enrolled at the academic institution and working under the supervision of the faculty member applicant.  

The competition is open to academic institutions worldwide.  Excluded from participation are employees, consultants, and members of the DLF, and their immediate relatives.

Procedure & Award


Phase #1

A proposal for the development of a mobile applications for real-time recording, monitoring and/or analytics of EMG and IMU movement signals is submitted. Mobile application ideas should be tailored to meet practical needs in one the following areas:

  • Basic Research
  • Education
  • Rehabilitation and Physical Therapy
  • Sports and Training 
  • Ergonomics
Review Phase #1: Proposals are reviewed by an external committee and the best (up to five (5)) proposals will be selected to receive equipment for further development.
Phase #1 Award: Applicants of the selected proposals will receive a 2-sensor Trigno™ Avanti Mobile System, inclusive of:
  • 2x Delsys Trigno Avanti Sensor
  • 1x Delsys Trigno mini charging cradle
  • 1x Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 tablet
  • Delsys Application Programming Interface (compatible with Android and Windows platforms)
  • Cables and accessories

The systems are kindly made available by Delsys, Inc. (Natick, MA). About Delsys, Inc.: Primarily focusing on surface and decomposition electromyography, Delsys has established itself as an inventive leader in EMG and other biosensor solutions. Today, Delsys continues to lead the innovation path by developing tools for neuromuscular research, rehabilitation and injury clinics, human performance enhancement, and biofeedback applications.

Rules & Regulations

Phase #2

Using this equipment, the receiving parties implement the development of the mobile application as described in their proposal.

Review Phase #2: Development will be tested by DLF for the intended application. Successfully developed apps that meet all specs and requirements detailed in the proposal will receive a participation cash award. In addition, one winner will be identified based on impact, performance, and usability to receive an additional recognition cash award. 

Participation Cash Awards: Upon completion of application development that is determined by DLF to fulfill all the goals outlined in the proposal, the applicant will receive a participation cash award of $2,500.00 USD and a participation certificate.

Phase #2 Award: The applicant identified as the winner will receive an additional recognition cash award of $5,000.00 USD.

Rules & Regulations

Application Cycle

Phase 1 (Proposal) Opens  March 1, 2019 
Phase 1 (Proposal) Closes
May 31, 2019
Selected Proposals Announced / Phase 2 (Development) Begins
July 12, 2019
Phase 2 (Development) Closes
November 30, 2019
Awards Announced Beginning of December 30, 2019

Review and Selection of Proposals

Proposals will be reviewed and selected by the DLF Scientific Advisory Board and/or external reviewers nominated by the DLF.  The Board consists of experts in the fields of Electromyography, Motor Control, and human movement sciences from scientific, engineering, and medical disciplines.

Rules & Regulations

All details regarding the rules, regulation and submission procedures can be found here.


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