De Luca Foundation celebrates the life of its Founder, Prof. Carlo J. DeLuca

DLF mourns the loss of Prof. Carlo J. De Luca who passed away on July 20, 2016.

Prof. De Luca was far-sighted and a consummate thinker who pushed the boundaries of motor control and science, championing research that led to some of the greatest innovations of our time - a system that reveals the neural control of force and movement by assessing the firing behavior of motor units during muscle contractions.

Prof. De Luca used common-sense approach, bridging human physiology, motor control and biomechanics, to enlist his ideas to encourage researchers and students to think beyond old notions and theories.

Prof. De Luca effortlessly blended stories, facts and figures to convey his view point - all in the hope of advancing the science behind motor control. His talk at ISB 2015 offers a Final glimpse of the man who devoted his life to developing new tools and methodologies to advance our understanding of human movement.

Delsys and Altec as they exist today are one of many examples of Prof De Luca’s thinking and his mental discipline in nurturing the synergy between academia and commerce.

His contributions will live on through the missions of the DLF, Delsys, Altec, and the young researchers he often challenged eloquently.


Foundation Team

Prof. Carlo J. De Luca: Leader by choice

I was one of those lucky star fish Prof. De Luca rescued. 

Prof. De Luca was drawn to students, colleagues and employees who exhibited the motivation, mental discipline and strong character needed to solve challenges, withstand adversity and overcome impediments from the world around them.  These traits mattered to him the most.  The rest was easy as he could shape the thinking of people around him, as only great leaders do.

If you walk into the halls of Delsys or Altec today, you will be captured by the echoes of the cherished past, the culture, the formality, the discipline and the resilience of my colleagues.

Great leaders leave strong roots to expand their field and foster the growth of young minds. DLF, which was conceived in 1985, serves this mission. 

When the history books on human motor control are written someday, Prof. De Luca’s name will be there, amongst some of the pioneers he had come to admire and follow. 


Devi De Luca
Head – De Luca Foundation

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