3rd Annual De Luca Foundation Student Travel Awards

May 29, 2018

The De Luca Foundation (DLF) is pleased to announce the winners of 2018 Student Travel Award. The foundation received a total of 272 applications across five different conferences. The review committee was pleased with the quality of research work summarized in the abstracts.

Twenty-three (23) applicants were chosen as winners for the 2018 Student Travel Award:

  • Eight (8) of the winners were selected from the World Congress of Biomechanics applicants, and will receive awards in the amount of $500 USD each
  • Fifteen (15) of the winners were selected from applicants for the remaining 4 conferences, and will receive awards in the amount of $400 USD each.

The selection committee and the DLF thanks all the applicants. The list of winners is as follows:

  • American College of Sports Medicine

    Anthony Wolfe
    The University of Texas at Austin
    "Comparison of Three Lactate Threshold Determination Methods in Trained Cyclists and in Non-Cyclists"

    Kari Loverro
    Boston University
    "Local Dynamic Stability is Affected by Soldier-Relevant Torso Loads and Gait Speeds"

    Kathryn O'Connor
    University of Michigan
    "Concussion recovery trajectories among United States Service Academy Members"

    Ryan Culquohoun
    Oklahoma State University
    "Relationships between Motor Unit Behavior during Maximal Effort Contractions and Skeletal Muscle Phenotype"

    Lucas Orssatto
    Federal University of Santa Catarina
    "Preservation Of Explosive Force In Long-term Strength Trained Elders Is Determined By Neural Adaptations"

    Alia Yasen
    University of Oregon
    "Motor cortex function in symptomatic and asymptomatic individuals following mild traumatic brain injury"

  • American Society of Biomechanics

    Brianna Goodwin
    University of Washington
    "Wearable Technology to Monitor Hand Movement During Constraint-Induced Movement Therapy"

    Katie Conway
    University of North Carolina/North Carolina State University
    "Older adults overcome their deficits to young adults when propulsive demands of walking are increased to their maximum"

    Sophia Ulman
    Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University

  • Canadian Society for Biomechanics

    Christopher Saliba
    Queen's University

    Dorelle Hinton
    McGill University
    "Cerebellar and Parietal Cortex Activation Predicts Walking Pattern Characteristics During Continuous Gait Adjustments to the Split-Belt Treadmill: An {18F}-FDG PET Study."

    Steven Pretty
    University of Waterloo

    Dan Descroches
    York University
    "Does Fatigue Change Motion & Muscle Activation Patterns During an Extreme Conditioning Protocol"

  • European College of Sport Science

    Christopher McCrum
    Maastricht University
    "Adaptation and inter-limb transfer of gait stability following perturbations in young and older adults assessed using stability-normalised walking speeds"

    Poveda David
    Catholic University of Murcia
    "Effects of contraction intensity on the responses to brain and corticospinal tract stimulation after a single session of resistance training"

  • World Congress of Biomechanics

    Deepak Kumar
    Eidgenossische Technische Hochschule Zurich
    "Complementing clinical decision-making with gait signatures: Identifying the effectiveness of Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS) therapy"

    Benjamin Shuman
    University of Washington
    "Pre-treatment synergy activations are associated with post-treatment gait in cerebral palsy"

    Chang Liu
    University of Southern California
    "Assessing the effects of spatiotemporal asymmetry on intersegmental coordination elicited by slip-like perturbations during walking"

    Samuel Acuna
    University of Wisconsin - Madison
    "Improvements in dynamic motor control following neurorehabilitation of chronic balance deficits due to prior traumatic brain injury"

    Tom Buurke
    University Medical Center Groningen
    "Changes in mediolateral dynamic balance control during imposed gait asymmetry on a split-belt treadmill strongly depend on passive dynamics in gait"

    Scott Uhlrich
    Stanford University
    "Voluntary modulation of redundant muscle activity during gait using visual feedback"

    Carl Beringer
    University of Pittsburgh
    "Impedance Perception During Active Ankle and Knee Movement"

    Pouya Amiri
    McGill University
    "Modulation of ankle intrinsic stiffness with postural sway"

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