Founded in 1985, The De Luca Foundation (DLF) is a private charitable organization. DLF dedicates its financial resources to serving the Biomechanics Research Community through R&D grants, travel grants, public education, and workshops to:

  • Raise awareness of innovative methodologies for understanding human motor control,
  • Fostering innovative work,
  • Educating students and young researchers, and 
  • Funding research ideas to study and cure neuromuscular diseases. 
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DLF mourns the loss of Prof. Carlo J. De Luca who passed away on July 20, 2016.

Prof. De Luca was far-sighted and a consummate thinker who pushed the boundaries of motor control and science, championing research that led to some of the greatest innovations of our time - a system that reveals the neural control of force and movement by assessing the firing behavior of motor units during muscle contractions.

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What We Do

The Foundation supports researchers around the world through various mechanisms with the goal of fostering a path of innovation and breakthroughs in Electromyography and Human Movement Sciences.

News & Events

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There are many ways in which you can take action and help us advance research and innovation in Motor Control and Human Movement Sciences.

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